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All orders now ship carbon-neutral - SLOW MADE

All orders now ship carbon-neutral

To reduce our carbon emission, we're very excited to announce that as of today, all orders we ship are carbon-neutral!

This is at no additional cost to our customers as we have decided to cover this to help maintain sustainability through shipping. This means we offset the negative environmental impacts our shipment activities may create. This is done by monitoring, tracking, and balancing or removing any CO2 we may release into the atmosphere.



What is carbon-neutral shipping?

Carbon emissions are a leading cause of the climate crisis and the repercussions we face today. Many industries are looking for ways to reduce emissions to slow down the damage made to the environment. 

Regarding logistics, shipping emits a high volume of black carbon affecting the carbon dioxide in the air. ""Carbon-neutral"" refers to practices that, when appropriately executed, produce a net zero amount of carbon dioxide. Carbon-neutral shipping aims to reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping packages.

Since carbon dioxide is one of the leading reasons for climate change, switching to carbon-neutral shipping brings us one step closer to helping protect the environment and is a significant effort in helping to monitor our carbon dioxide emissions. 


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