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Slow Made's Sustainable Commitment - SLOW MADE

Slow Made's Sustainable Commitment

Embracing a Plastic-Free Mindset All Year Long

In a world where fast production and disposable culture dominate, we at Slow Made are on a mission to reconnect with nature and adopt a slower, more intentional approach to creating. As we celebrate Plastic-Free July, I want to share with you how we embody a plastic-free mindset throughout the year.

At Slow Made, we're all about honoring the natural environment and making ethical choices. Our sustainable, non-toxic candles are more than just products—they're vessels designed to foster connections—with oneself, loved ones, and our Earth.


Eliminating Plastic Throughout the Process

From the very beginning, we made a conscious decision to minimize plastic use. That's why our packaging, both for products and shipping, is entirely plastic-free. However, we understand that some of our ingredients and supplies may come in plastic containers or wrappings. Rest assured, we prioritize recycling and reusing these materials (like bubble wrap) for our wholesale orders.

Seeking Plastic-Free Alternatives

We're committed to finding alternatives to plastic materials whenever possible. Our candles are housed in beautiful glass jars because glass is infinitely recyclable. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also promotes a circular economy. We also opt for metal lids and shipping boxes that can be recycled, further minimizing our environmental impact.

Collaborating with Plastic-Free Suppliers

Sourcing sustainable ingredients and supplies from plastic-free suppliers can be a challenge, but we're determined to overcome it. We actively seek out suppliers who share our vision and encourage them to minimize their own plastic use. Whenever we can, we choose local suppliers to limit transportation emissions and support our community.

Educating and Engaging Customers

We believe that involving our customers in our plastic-free mission is crucial. That's why we share our sustainable practices on our website and social media platforms. By opening up about our journey and values, we hope to inspire others to make conscious choices and build a community that champions the reduction of plastic waste. 

Overcoming Challenges and Setting Long-Term Goals

Of course, we face challenges along the way. Finding sustainable ingredient sources that prioritize plastic-free packaging and local production can be tough. However, we're committed to continually seeking better solutions and improving our practices. We won't let those challenges deter us from our mission! 

Celebrating Successes and Looking Ahead

We're proud of our accomplishments in our plastic-free journey. To offset our environmental impact, we've partnered with One Tree Planted, ensuring that a portion of every order goes toward planting trees. Additionally, we've achieved carbon-neutral shipping, further reducing our footprint. These achievements embody our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

As we observe Plastic-Free July, we want to highlight our commitment at Slow Made to embrace a plastic-free mindset all year long. Through conscious choices, innovative alternatives, and a deep respect for the environment, we're redefining how we connect with products and encouraging others to adopt a slower, more intentional lifestyle. Join us on this journey and prioritize sustainability in every aspect of your life. Let's make every month a Plastic-Free Month!


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