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June Intention - SLOW MADE

June Intention


Embrace Your Inner Radiance


As we enter the vibrant month of June, it's time to focus on cultivating our inner radiance and embracing our true selves. Setting intentions can be a powerful tool in guiding us towards a daily practice of self-care and nurturing our inner glow. This month, we invite you to join us in setting the intention of a daily self-care routine, and together, let's explore the transformative power it holds. 



Inner Radiance


A daily self-care routine


What are three things I appreciate and love about myself?

What activities or practices make me feel most nourished and fulfilled?

In what ways can I cultivate a positive and compassionate inner dialogue?


Setting the Intention: A Daily Self-Care Routine

To embark on a journey of inner radiance, it's essential to prioritize self-care as a daily practice. By setting the intention of a daily self-care routine, you are committing to nourishing and honoring your well-being. Reflecting on our prompts, we'll help guide and inspire you as you set this intention:

  1. What are three things I appreciate and love about myself?
    Take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your unique qualities, strengths, and accomplishments. Embrace self-love and gratitude for who you are.

  2. What activities or practices make me feel most nourished and fulfilled?
    Identify the activities or practices that bring you joy, peace, and a sense of fulfillment. It could be engaging in a creative hobby, spending time in nature, practicing yoga, or simply enjoying a quiet moment of reflection.

  3. In what ways can I cultivate a positive and compassionate inner dialogue?
    Explore how you can foster a kind and compassionate inner dialogue. Challenge self-critical thoughts and replace them with affirmations and uplifting self-talk. Embrace positive self-acceptance and embrace your inner radiance.


Grounding Your Intentions with Aura

To support your intention of embracing inner radiance, we introduce Aura, our captivating candle of the month. With the zesty aromas of lemon, spicy notes of ginger, and the warm and earthy essence of saffron, Aura radiates an invigorating energy that captures attention and invites others into your orbit. Allow its captivating fragrance to inspire you to embrace your true self, shine brightly, and pursue your wildest dreams.

As we embark on this intentional journey of self-care and inner radiance, let us embrace the transformative power of setting intentions. Through the practice of a daily self-care routine, guided by self-appreciation, fulfilling activities, and compassionate inner dialogue, we can nurture our inner glow and live authentically. Let Aura's radiant energy be a constant reminder to ignite your passion and propel you towards your wildest aspirations. Embrace your inner radiance and let it shine forth, illuminating your path to a June filled with growth, joy, and self-discovery.



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In an effort to inspire and connect our community, comment below with what you are setting for your intentions. Here are our intentions, to get you inspired: 



practice self-compassion by offering yourself kindness and understanding in moments of difficulty or self-doubt. Embrace self-acceptance and let go of harsh self-judgment



prioritize self-care and create nurturing rituals that promote inner radiance. This could include activities such as taking relaxing baths, practicing meditation or yoga, journaling, or enjoying nature walks



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