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Give & receive this shopping-filled weekend - SLOW MADE

Give & receive this shopping-filled weekend

Black Friday — an understandably contentious date in the sustainable, small business world, which conjures all sort of emotions. If you’ve followed Slow Made for a while, you’ll know we approach it a little differently.

As a brand, we’re not about encouraging mass consumerism - we couldn’t be a “slower” business to be honest. Each candle is formulated, tested and hand poured by myself, in small batches. It’s not a fast process - there’s no fancy machinery to mass produce, but that extra time taken means even more positive intention, love and care.


For past two years, we have not run Black Friday sales, instead we’ve have partneredwith #ReclaimBlackFriday to redistribute a percentage of our sales from the weekend to @digdeep

Dig Deep is a human rights non-profit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water forever. Their Navajo Water Project serves hundreds of families across New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.


This year we’re switching things up. . .


There are just so many that have been hit hard with the current climate and are tighting belts in different ways. 

For some, that might mean scaling back to just the essentials with any investments in self-care taking a back seat. There are also those who rely on Black Friday to purchase gifts which can often steer them towards big businesses.

And of course, those hardest hit are having to choose between feeding their kids or turning the heat on. 


So this year, we will be offering a discount but in true ’tis the season spirit


Take 20% off your purchase if you want it or need it, or donate that discount to charity - Feed the Children.

Take what you need, donate the rest. A judgement free zone - but an opportunity to give, if you are able.

For any order that uses the discount SHOPSMALL we will still be making a donation from that order.

For orders that choose not to use the discount we will be including a small thank you gift



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