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How to get the most out of your candle - SLOW MADE

How to get the most out of your candle

Some helpful tips to getting the best (and safest) burn each time.

The First Burn

The first burn is crucial when you first get your Slow Made candle. Even though we use a predominantly coconut wax base, it is blended with soy, which is known for wax memory. Wax memory refers to how the wax melts after it is lit for the first time. The first burn creates a wax pattern for each burn.

When you light your candle, it's essential to let the wax melt evenly across the entire top surface. For a standard soy candle, it's recommended to burn for 2-4 hours; with our coconut/soy blend, be sure to burn for 1- 3 hours; as coconut wax is softer, you will notice it takes far less time to melt the entire surface, especially on our smaller candles. Avoid burning for only short periods where this full melt doesn't occur, as this will create tunneling!


Trim your wick, wick, wick!

PLEASE! Trim your wicks. Trimming your candle wick is crucial to a clean, long-lasting candle. Not trimming your wicks can become a fire hazard. Trim your wick about 1/4 inch for a clean burn to prevent your candle from mushrooming or creating soot. When you don't trim your wick, your candle's flame can grow too large or begin to flicker out of control. If this happens, make sure you turn off your candle, Wait for your candle to completely cool down & trim your wick with some wick trimmers or scissors. 


Keep your candles clean.

Make sure your candle's surface is free from dust or debris. To clean your candle, grab a damp cloth and lightly clean off your candle. All of our candles come with a beautiful gold metal lid to help prevent your candle from accumulating dust. When your candle is not burning, we recommend using the lid or cover to prevent dust from collecting.

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