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May Intention - SLOW MADE

May Intention

Finding Gratitude Around Us: Intention Setting for May





A daily gratitude practice


What are three things that you are grateful for in your life right now?

How can you incorporate gratitude into your daily routine? Can you make a gratitude list in the morning or before bed?

What is something challenging or difficult that you've experienced recently? How can you find gratitude within this experience and use it as a tool for growth?


When it comes to finding inner harmony and gratitude, setting a daily gratitude practice is an excellent way to shift your focus and mindset towards positivity. And what better way to enhance your practice than by lighting our Blossom candle, which boasts a delightful combination of mandarin, english rose, and manuka honey. This intricate aroma conveys a depth of emotions and offers a mutual love for all who surround it. The dimensional scent of rose petals and honey embraces you with warmth, inspiring compassion within.
In addition to setting a daily gratitude practice, there are other ways to find inner harmony and cultivate gratitude. Taking time to connect with nature, engaging in mindfulness practices, and nourishing your body with wholesome foods are all excellent ways to bring balance and gratitude into your life. Surround yourself with natural beauty in your home and workspace, whether it's through potted plants, floral arrangements, or natural decor.

As you embrace the sweet and delicate scents of Blossom, allow yourself to be uplifted and reminded of the resilience planted deep within your soul. Let Blossom's familiar gesture of love and unity fill your space with a comforting ambiance, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the world around you with gratitude and inner harmony.



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In an effort to inspire and connect our community, comment below with what you are setting for your intentions. Here are our intentions, to get you inspired: 



cultivating gratitude through daily journaling to reflect on the positive aspects of our lives and experiences



expressing gratitude towards others through daily acts of kindness and appreciation


Our Monthly Intentions series is designed to help you in creating slow, intentional moments. Connect within by setting intentions for the month ahead and reflect through prompts designed to cultivate radiance from within and embrace self-love. To get monthly intentions sent to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter or join our monthly intentions box

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